Why invest in delivery management software ?

The growth in E-commerce and the online shoppers increasingly expect more efficient and predictable deliveries of their vendors. These are the most reasons that the delivery firms are experiencing exploding demand for their services by retailers.

Not surprisingly, these delivery firms are starting to look for better ways of managing their shipments to limit these expenses as much as possible, save time and energy.

So what can be done?

Finding the right delivery management software can be a lengthy process. Ideally, you want an advanced software that has all the features necessary to increase performance and one that makes your job easier, but with this many software’s available how do you know what’s best? Furthermore, when looking for the best software, you need one that improves operations, increases profits and makes it easy to manage your team and customers. But you also don’t want a software that is overly complex or time consuming to integrate. ShipTrack, a cloud-based delivery management software, is a revolutionary track and trace solution providing your company with full time visibility for all your shipments. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, ShipTrack ensures that all retailers are able to provide their customers with complete visibility, control and ease of use through our delivery management software.

Look at some numbers that have been recorded from implementing our software:

  • 93% reduction in time to process paper
  • 31% increase in efficiency of order processing & distribution
  •  $156,000 saved by bringing your own devices (amount saved for only 50 BYOD)
  • Eliminate 50% of professionals who waste time looking for paperwork
  • Up to $3.19 saved per shipment on invoicing
Source: ShipTrack

Want to know how they could apply to your situation and what impact they could have on your profitability? Nuage’s team of experts is ready to show you. Get in touch today!

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