Integration & Project Management

Integration & Project Management

Nuage Technologies is the partner to advise you on each aspect of your transition to technology. Whether it is software solutions, barcode capture and printing equipment , process improvement, adoption of industry’s best practices, different communication networks, integrations between different systems, And much more !​

Consulting services

Our consultants offer a full range of project management services to support your organization throughout the adoption cycle of new technologies. From the first steps of defining needs to post-implementation support and continuing education. Nuage Technologies ensures a personalized service , a sustained involvement in order to see your project carried out successfully, on time and within your budget.


Our years of experience, the background of our advisers and our dynamic methodology allow us to plan all the activities necessary for the success of your projects and to manage them daily to meet your deadline and achieve the desired results

Our training service

Maximizing the positive impact of a new software solution requires it’s adoption by your employees. Our training experts will facilitate the adoption and maximum use of your new work tools. 

Exploit the full potential of technology!

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