InThingTM Visibility Platform

InThingTM Visibility Platform

“InThingTM Visibility Platform offers 16 ready-to-deploy solutions that provide real-time intelligence about physical things, by leveraging a variety of location, physical, environmental and other IoT sensors. Our solutions help customers improve their safety,compliance, productivity, and frugality measures by increasing the visibility of ‘Goods’ and ‘Assets’ in their entire Supply Chain and Asset Management operations.

Asset Tracking Solution

An integrated solution to find your missing assets in 30 seconds, using connected sensor


Optimized inventory within tight budgets


Enhanced security with minimal spends

In Office Spaces

Optimizing resource allocation

IT Operations

Centralized fleet operations tracking

Mobile IT Assets

Easy to access,
on-the-go tracking solution


Asset management process from procurement to retirement


Accurate Inventory

Adds agility to supply chain strategy with data you can trust.

Real-Time, Instant Location

Optimizes operational efficiency by better management of people and assets.

Anywhere Access

Enterprise solutions ensuring teams always have the information they need, when they need it, no matter where they work.

Protect Critical Assets

Reinforcing the conservation of critical assets by evaluating and ranking your asset landscape.

Networking Equipment

Wireless-sensor-driven automated Asset Tracking, Intelligent discovery of Assets, Inventory Management and Monitoring.

Productivity Improvement

Enable your workforce to save time, cut losses, and streamline workflows, all with no extra effort.

Reporting Accuracy

Legitimately capturing comprehensive data about assets with real-time reports about asset maintenance, depreciation, utilization & audits.

Prevent Movement Violation

Having updated and accurate information about your assets, at any given point in time helps right decision making.



360 Tracking

Transparency with view of supply chain

Real-time Visibility

Enhanced visibility of physical assets

Cost Efficient

Minimizes spends on asset recoveries

Safe & Secure

Risk-free critical asset management

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