InThing Corp and Nuage Technologies to offer innovative Supply

InThing Corp and Nuage Technologies to offer innovative Supply Chain solutions in Canada

InThing Corp and Nuage Technologies to offer innovative Supply Chain solutions in Canada

InThing™ Corporation, a Silicon Valley based Industry 4.0 software company, partners with Nuage Technologies, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions in Canada, for automating the labor-intensive, repetitive, and incomprehensive processes in asset management and supply chain operations, and thereby, transforming the safety, productivity, frugality, and sustainability measures of commercial enterprises and government agencies in Canada.

Stéphane Parent, General Manager at Nuage Technologies stated: “InThing’s software
reduces the cost of implementing RFID and RTLS solutions by a whopping 68%, as their algorithms replace the need for the custom processing of raw sensor events with pre-built event applications. This will help our customers achieve their ROI much faster than ever seen before.

We look forward to introducing InThing’s software to our existing and future clients.”

“We are extremely proud to announce this new partnership with Nuage Technologies”, said
Sandee Mukherjee, CEO of InThing. “InThing is a pure-play software company that relies on the knowledge and expertise of its partners, like Nuage, for accurately understanding
customers’ business processes, provisioning of various sensor hardware, and supporting system integration activities. The simplicity and robustness of our software makes our partners uber competitive when presenting RFID and RTLS solutions to their customers, with time to ROI of 3-12 months.”

In the post COVID-era, due to the restriction of access to facilities and disruptions in the supply- chain, the world is seeing a rapid surge in the need for digital transformation solutions. Canadian companies, government agencies and educational institutes can, now, adopt RFID and RTLS technologies in their operations with the out-of-the-box, but massively scalable solutions, from their local partner at a fraction of the cost.

About InThing Corporation: InThing™ Corporation, with its headquarters in Santa Clara, California, offers world’s first high-availability location sensor platform for providing real-time about physical things by leveraging modern sensors, pattern detection algorithms and AI/ML models. The lack of visibility of things; like assets, tools, parts, chemical containers, raw materials, finished and semi-finished goods, returnable items, consumables, and intellectual properties; result in life endangering situations and multibillion dollar losses for the industry. InThing’s vision is to eliminate such risks and losses by making location-solutions accurate and affordable with sophisticated software applications.

About Nuage Technology: Nuage Technologies offers latest solutions for supply chain
operations in Canada. The team of seasoned experts at Nuage, come from various supply-chain functions and have in-depth understanding of the various challenges that occur in real-life due to the lack of visibility of goods and assets in supply chain. Hence, they can offer the best-fit solutions for the current industry problems by leveraging innovative products from partners like InThing.

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