How to optimize your inventory accuracy ?

Today and more than ever, the warehouse operators are starting to look for better ways of managing their inventory to limit these expenses as much as possible, but there are a lot of factors that come into play that need to be controlled.

So what can be done to optimize your inventory accuracy?

Ceritar’s innovative WMS solutions leverage the latest technologies and creative development in order to facilitate operations scheduling, achieve 99% accuracy in your orders, and simplify workload management.

Ceritar’s warehouse management system includes all the features to perform optimal warehouse management, automate data collection, analyze and plan via BI tools, optimize your workload in according to shipping and transport priorities.In the back-end, sets of logic rules determine the order in which operations are automatically launched. The system analyzes each shipping and warehouse transfer and the order in which everything is scheduled, triggers waves of picking to guide employees with priority management,  determines physical locations and optimizes your inventory accuracy.

Want to know how they could apply to your situation and what impact they could have on your profitability? Nuage’s team of experts are ready to show you. Get in touch today!
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