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    Asset Tracking

    Asset Tracking

    Asset Tracking Software Makes Tracking Effortless, End spreadsheet nightmares, stop wasting valuable time, and avoid losing costly assets. All businesses have a collection of assets that they need to maintain and with the right solution in place you can gain more detailed control over your assets and greater return on your investment with the

    Reduce losses – Better tracking will result in reducing loss from theft or misplaced assets.
    Productivity – Collect data faster in greater detail.
    Accuracy – Eliminate human error.
    Compliance – Reporting flexibility with more accurate records.
    Accountability – Enforces personal responsibility and accountability for company property.

    What you will need to implement an asset tracking solution:

    Asset Tracking Software – Software is the backbone of any system and will determine what features and options are available. Make sure that your solution incorporates detailed reporting and supports batch or real-time updates.

    Mobile Computer – Assets are located throughout a business so a mobile device allows you to have all needed information and make changes at the asset location. Depending on how rugged your environment is and your budget, a wide range of devices are available.

    Barcode/RFID Printer – All assets need a unique identifier on them to be properly tracked. Barcodes are the easiest and most cost effective option but RFID tags offer added benefits with wireless reading of multiple assets and the possibility of automating your data collection process.

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