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    Our Methodology

    Our Promise is to always make the Human element of every business process our focus accelerating user adoption and improving the quality of life for the everyday worker.

    Companies choose to work with us for 3 very simple reasons:

    our PEOPLE,
    our PROCESS,

    Nuage Consultants come from many walks of life; with experience in Aerospace Engineering, Automotive Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Logistics, Warehouse Management, Software Sales and Development, IT Management, and Process Engineering, it isn’t hard for us to adapt to a wide breadth of customer requirements and bring forward new innovative ways of solving problems.

    Although the “skill sets” are varied the common thread that binds us is the belief that “Life is Work”. Everything anyone truly cares about requires work; building a business, raising a family, nurturing relationships, helping others. We are fortunate to work and we appreciate it. Business and Personal are inseparable because we believe good companies are built on good people, the energy created by this belief is why our customers love us.

    Another reason our customers love us is because we approach every engagement with an open-mind. We believe this approach to be “Philosophically” important as well as “Pragmatically” important. Being open-minded not only leads to a more effective creative dynamic but it also promotes the re-use of our customers’ existing assets increasing the speed of deployment and lowering its overall cost.

    Our Process is what brings it all together. The biggest cause for dissatisfaction is when someone poorly manages expectations and that all comes down to communication. Introducing any kind of change in a business is difficult and making sure that our customers know where they stand every step of the way, with complete transparency, is the only way we work. The end result is 100% on-time delivery, not because every implementation took the time we all thought it would, but because “delays” are decisions made with our customers, never surprises.

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